August 9, 2015

Hi Ho! Silver at Noon!

Ok, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion, so if you’re not interested, click away… But be warned, there is such gorgeousness below, you’re going to regret leaving.

I acquired a set of the most stunning mother of pearl-handled silver I’ve ever seen, and because I am a hunter, not a collector {snort}, I am selling them. But since so many people have e-mailed me and messaged me with their interest in the pieces, I am going to list them at noon on August 10th on my Etsy shop, and the first person there, gets them.

Now you might ask what’s so special about them… Just take a look at these gorgeous pieces. First of all, there are twelve pieces – six each of the knives and forks. So, that’s a dinner party right there. The knife blades and the fork tines have an argyle pattern interspersed with flowers. And the pattern is on both sides of the blades and tines. no 83  (1)

And how about that stunning twisted loop and the arrowhead on the knives? These look like they could have belonged to the laird of a castle in one of the outer islands of Scotland.


They’re definitely English, and the hallmark leads me to believe they were made in Sheffield by Martin & Hall & Co. between 1860 and 1897. So, they’re high Victorian when all things Scottish were in fashion. The pieces are hallmarked on the knife blades and the fork necks. no 83  (5)

The fluted ferrules make a perfect transition between the argyle of the blades and tines and the elegant mother of pearl handles. IMG_4208

If the blades aren’t fabulous enough, the handles are stunning. They are carved in a reeded pattern with a cap on the end. They are in absolutely perfect condition with their luminescence glowing from within. IMG_4210

These knives and forks are in excellent condition, especially considering how old they are. You can see by the images that there are no scratches or faded areas on the silver. The silver experts I’ve consulted have never seen a set of silverware like these. no 83  (11)

They are so fabulous, that I am almost tempted to keep them for myself, but as I have an entire set of beautiful French Ivory-handled silver and a set of Mappin & Webb Kingsware pattern silverware, these go to the first to click on them. Remember, 12 noon, EST on my Etsy Shop.


  1. They are absolutely stunning Meg and oh so unique. I have never seen anything like them!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

    1. I haven't seen anything like these, either. They are spectacular.

  2. Meg, these are exquisite. I have MOP flatware, but these are very tempting. ;-)

  3. You've made my day! These make me so happy just to look at them:)

  4. What is the asking price? "The first to click on them.." Meg it sounds like you are giving them away... I know you aren't but what is the price for the set????

    1. They sold within two minutes for $350.

    2. Of course they did! Congrats!!

  5. Holy mother of pearl. I'm not even into ornate silverware, but these are something to behold.

  6. Argyle! I did not make the connection to Scotland but, yes, of course! Totally spectacular.


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