August 31, 2015


It was just before I went to bed one Saturday night that the news came on that Diana had been in a bad car accident in Paris. There were jumps to Paris, to London and back to NYC. imageAll of this interspersed with bits and pieces of Saturday Night Live. It was hard to understand whether it was real or not. We knew the news way before our friends in the UK, many of whom were devastated by the news.


I always thought that this series of photographs by Mario Testino was among the best of Diana.imageimage

She just suspended in time in these images. She’ll never grow old in our minds.


  1. She has been added to the list of other classics, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn etc.
    Gone too soon!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I was watchin SNL and the news feed just switched over. I watched for several minutes thinking .... This is a very stupid skit, nothing is funny! Then the realization set in...... Very sad.

  3. It was one of those nights that one will always remember where they were when the news broke.

  4. I only remember that I thought, "Oh, what a waste. Fighting for happiness as she did, and then this."

  5. I'm sure she was a nice lady, and of course it was awful what happened to her, but I was never really a fan. I'm much more interested in Kate and Will. If you hadn't posted this, Diana probably would never have crossed my mind again. Great pics.

  6. It was a very sad time and remains a great loss, in my opinion. She was simply magnificent in her genuine simplicity.

  7. Sorry, Marcheline, but in my view Diana had that electric sparkle, style, and pizzazz that made you want to know about her and her life. Kate and Will seem like two very staid, boring young fogeys with very little interest or curiosity in anything beyond the mundane. Perhaps you were too young to remember Diana in her heyday.

    1. @Anonymous - First, never apologize for your opinion - it's all yours, it's free, and it in no way endangers mine. It made me smile when you said I might be "too young to remember", as I was born just a few years after Diana. My opinions and interests are different than yours, which is fabulous because wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all the same? In truth, I hardly ever give any of the "royals" a thought unless I see them in passing, on the front of a magazine at the grocery store.

    2. I almost spewed my morning tea how can you not think of the Royals if Scotland is your fav-o-rite place on Earth???? Scotland wanted to break away from the UK a few months ago --- if memory serves me correctly. On another note I was married the same year as Princess Diana and there was a baby boom in the USA during the early 80's ----perhaps that played into her popularity--- an elegant beauty blossoming into mother hood and she was on the cover of nearly every woman's magazine back then--- it was a pleasant distraction as many could relate to this young mother ..... for we as a society did not have a smartphone to allow us to ignore our chil'ren 24/7 Don't worry it's just blue tooth technology that person is hearing voices and responding to a disembodied voice. LOL

  8. These were some of the most natural and lovely photos of Diana. They capture her features. The large expressive eyes and a nose with character. The hair cut was great, not coiffed and stiff, as it was for formal occasions.
    She seemed to be an individual that cared about social issues and worked hard for worthy causes, toward the end of her life.
    That's the memory I have of Diana.
    I do agree with Marcheline however, the "royals" in general are of little interest. So many other people in the world that are contributing everyday, without public recognition.


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