June 23, 2015

Concours d’Elegance

Each year, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation hosts a golf tournament, cocktail party and car show. Each year, friends and golfers bring their most amazing cars to show off. It’s getting to the point that we have people who only come to the cocktails and car show, because they know that the cars are going to be spectacular. As they were again this year.

This was my absolute favourite. It’s a friend’s 1956 Jaguar. It is simply stunning! IMG_2680

Months and months ago, I created the save the date postcard for the Golf Tournament, and photoshopped the chairman of the event into an old woody station wagon. 2015 golf postcard copy

And then this happened! And no, it’s not the same car!IMG_2658

This was the cutest car. Someone said that you just wanted to hug it. It’s a 1940 Bantam.IMG_2679

This is a 1930’s era Pierce Arrow. The colour on this car has so much depth.IMG_2638

From the same collector, a 1930’s Packard. These cars are impeccable. IMG_2687

I did rather like this one – a four-door black Maserati. Very swish!IMG_2697

A line of primary coloured cars including a Citroen, a Fiat, the little Bantam and a Triumph.IMG_2617

Of course, I wouldn’t say no to this Aston Martin!IMG_2684

And for fun, an old Army Jeep… except it’s a Ford.IMG_2685

Which do you like best?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

On a totally different note, a huge storm blew through earlier this evening, leaving us with the most amazing sky! IMG_2716IMG_2725IMG_2726IMG_2732IMG_2734

They’re called Mammatus clouds and are generally a sign of unstable weather. A huge storm had just passed and the temperature dropped about 30* in two hours. These clouds were seen as far north as Philadelphia, about 100 miles from Baltimore. There were loads of images of them both on Facebook and Instagram after the storm. I wrote about them a few years ago, here.


  1. Well, the Jag is definitely my favorite. Back in the day, I had a evergreen Austin Healy convertible, and my girlfriend had a red Triumph. Great cars and so much fun, however, since they were racing cars, they had very delicate mechanisms, and at least twice a week they refused to start. Fortunately, my dentist had a Jag that also suffered from that precious malady, and he knew that all they needed was a little "fine tuning". After several "lessons" on what to tighten and how much, we were off and running again. That lasted a little over a year, until we couldn't handle the uncertainty of being to get where we needed to go any longer. So, while I love looking at classic cars, I'll stick to my Toyota! Thanks, Meg, that was a fun post!

    1. My father had a Morris Oxford, imported specially with a left-hand drive, and after a while, it became impossible to get parts for it.

  2. The Bantam- totally impractical- I love it!

  3. I adore the old station wagon + great photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Oh, that Jag is dreamy, but the color of the Pierce Arrow is spot on perfect! This was a fun post. Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures. Oh, and those clouds look like worthy subjects of an oil painting.

  5. I never understood why Elkridge hosted this. I understand Schamu has a fair amount of pull there, but this always seemed beneath them and more like something BCC would go in for.

    1. They host it on Monday when the club is closed. It's actually a lovely event and the cars are very elegant, with many of the cars belonging to Elkridge members. I've never heard a word of dissent from any Elkridge member.


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