June 17, 2015


I realized I haven’t done an Instagram post in a while. With everything I have going on, it’s so much easier to pop a picture up there, with a few words, than to write out a post… So I am warning you that posting will be sparse until the Barn Sale is over with – between now and then I have two other major events!

Let’s go…

Even though this isn’t really Baltimore, I found this leaf from 1871 tucked in an old journal at work.
It says “Linden Leaf from St. John’s College [Annapolis] Session ‘71 & ‘72.


This was written on the sidewalk near my office. image

The Fifth Regiment Armory, again, near my office.image

Angels in the architecture. She’s on my building.image

Early evening at the magnificent Evergreen House & Museumimage

Stained glass skylight at Penn Station, Baltimoreimage

It’s heart-breaking that owners let buildings like this fall into such disrepair. image

A repurposed mill down the hill from my house. Now affordable housing specifically for teachers.image

“His Master’s Voice” This used to be on one of the main routes into the city.image

I hope that my pictures help you understand that Baltimore is a city of many parts, and that you can’t believe everything you see on the TV.


  1. affordable housing for teachers is such a great idea!!! With our crazy prices here in DC it would be a great program and incentive.

    1. This is the second group of these they've done. It's Seawall Development.

  2. It is so interesting the finds you discover Meg! The affordable housing for teachers and other underpaid professionals is a big step forward all cities should follow.

    The Arts by Karena
    Closer: Michael Clinton

  3. stunning + love all your photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Meg, as always, you remind us of what a beautiful place Charm City is. Thank you.

  5. As far as I am concerned, the glass is half full when it comes to Baltimore and it's architecture. Although we do not currently live in the city, we did in the past, and have always respected and enjoyed the wonderful buildings,etc. Thank you Meg for sharing some of these finds and providing interesting facts!

  6. Great pictures. Baltimore is a marvelous town. xo, N.G.

    1. There's a great bumper sticker that came out early this spring: Baltimore. Actually, I like it.


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