September 11, 2014

You Look Marbelous

In July, I posted a story about all of the beautiful end papers in the books in our collection at work. Click here to see it. marble

A friend sent me the most beautiful video about marbling, with the most gorgeous music to it, and I wanted to share it with you.

The artist is Turkish and is at least the second generation in his family to do marbelizing. It’s really fascinating how drops of paint on a surface can become such an amazing work. And amazing that this craft has come down through the middle ages, and is still in use today. Here’s the original article from The Paris Review.


  1. Fascinating and oh so beautiful! I can always count on your blog for mental refreshment.

  2. really enjoyed that + who knew? + stunning

  3. How marvelous! I needed this beauty today! xo, N.

  4. Now I know what I haven't tried yet. Research begins immediately!

  5. Beautiful. I didn't realize that this was such a refined art. thank you. Mary


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