September 7, 2014

#ThisIsBaltimore August Edition, A Little Late!

With John Waters appearing on the cover of the NY Times last week, and popping up all over the country on tour for his new book, Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America, I thought I’d show you some more scenes of Baltimore. And you will notice that no one it hitchhiking in any of these shots!

Originally part of a former women’s college, now a conference center. Click here to see the original plans.octagon

The most beautiful swimming pool in Baltimore. I keep meaning to get a picture after dark.image

The Shot Tower. Bits of hot lead were dropped from the top into cold water. They were used for shot in guns.image

Turn-of-the-century townhouse. Too bad the porch columns were replaced with cheap wrought iron.image

The old penitentiary. I love this building (from the outside!) image

This is the other side of it. It’s actually an amazing building – just like a massive fortress!image

A former insurance company building, now being made into apartments and retail. image

Baltimore Museum of Art’s sculpture gardenimage

The BMA’s front doors. After many years, they will once again be open to the public (which now has to use a side entrance)image

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  1. The old penitentiary is beautiful. I don't think I've ever noticed it around town.

  2. Meg, I was in Baltimore today. First time in the train station. Loved it inside and out. I'm coming back. Thought of you when I was there but was pretty sureI wouldn't see you at the aquarium. But your city represented beautifully. Xo J

  3. Baltimore has such fabulous buildings, and you do an admirable job in highlighting your town. I must visit one of these days. I'd love to see the museum. Thank you for sharing your photos with us (oh, and that pool!).


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