September 17, 2014

Auction Fever

I love going to auctions and there’s nothing like the thrill of bidding and winning a coveted item! But my favourite auction house has recently converted from a live auction on Saturday mornings to an on-line “discovery” auction. I still bid on things, but I really like the fun of out-bidding someone in person, and watching all of the different personalities and characters who attend the auctions.

In smaller auctions like this one, there are “lots” of items, and sometimes they’re related, like a box of china, and other times, the lot is totally random, like the that lot that had some mid-century modern lucite and chrome pieces, and this Thai Noodle Cart. I won a few lots at the auction over the weekend, which was amazing with everything else that was happening, and I thought I’d share them with you.

How about this amazing cheese dome! It’s huge and weighs a ton. There is one similar to this, but with more elaborate decoration, on 1st Dibs for over $6,000! I can imagine a huge hunk of Stilton under this dome. IMG_3879

Do you remember that massive lot of china I got at an auction earlier in the summer? This huge platter matches it exactly!


One of the other pieces in this lot was a piece of the china that my mother collects, and pieces of which have been in her family for generations. It’s Davenport in the Flying Bird pattern. IMG_3875

I especially like this piece because it’s been repaired with staples. A jeweler would use a diamond-tipped drill bit to cut the holes for the staples. It’s completely sturdy and shows a respect for the piece.IMG_3877

This is another piece in the lot, and although it’s filthy, it’s still a great piece.


The reverse is equally interesting. Some one’s written “English Ironstone, Crown Derby …” and on the side, it almost looks like a date, 17xx??IMG_3883

This platter is also huge! The pattern is similar to some pieces I bought at auction last summer, except they were blue and white.


The last piece I will share with you is a toast rack. It’s English silver and is marked 1867! Such a sweet piece with its hearts. IMG_3898

There is still an auction house that does live country-style auctions, so I will probably start paying more attention to that!


  1. Oh, Meg--I love your newest finds. Staples on antique china is one of those details that adds character to china. The Grisaille transfer piece is my favorite. I think that you scored. xoxo Mary

  2. I love the stapled china, too. And the grisaille is just gorgeous. It might be French. I have to research the mark on the revers.

  3. just love everything you got + I like the face to face bidding also + oh well change is good.

    1. Face to face is so much better... i can give dirty looks to people bidding against me.

  4. Meg it really excites me to see these amazing pieces, that cheese dome is fabulous. Finding china that your family collects is the best!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Good morning, Meg!

    I come by way of dear Loi from Tone on Tone who has beautifully mentioned you today! Your blog is lovely and filled with such a comfortable feeling for fine architecture and furnishings. Have a super Sunday! Anita


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