August 29, 2012

Paralympics 2012

To me, the Paralympics are even more inspiring than the “real” Olympics. I realize that you have to be talented to run, jump and balance like these athletes, but it takes even more will-power and skill and dedication to do this with a physical handicap. Who amongst us didn’t choke up a bit while watching Oscar Pistorius from South Africa run on his specially-designed blades, and then have the race’s winner ask to trade name tags?image

Even before the Paralympics started, the numbers were already record-breaking. Consider that in Beijing, 150,000 attended the Paralympic Games, while in London, more than 70,000 attended just the opening ceremonies, and more than 2.5 million tickets have been sold. Many of the events are sold out, including the wheelchair rugby I mentioned recently.image

The Opening Ceremonies took on a scientific tone with Prof. Stephen Hawking narrating them. There were also nods to the Newtonian laws of gravity with a giant apple, imageand the Higgs-Boson particle being interpreted in song and dance. image

I love fireworks and planes, imageso I would have loved to see this plane trailing fireworks flying across the evening sky. image

A flame was lit from flint and stone on each of the highest peaks in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales by abled and disabled Scouts, military personnel and others, and then the flames were brought together to light the Torch. Here’s Lord Coe and a group on Mt. Snowdon, Wales’ highest peak (and one the most dangerous in the UK) on a beautiful Welsh summer afternoon (hahaha).imageAnd the final flame was brought in by a Royal Marine who flew in on a zipline!image

Most unfortunately, it’s not going to be easy to see the Paralympics in the US, as they’re not being shown on network television (shame on them!), but if you use my magical, you can switch your IP address to a UK one and watch the Paralympics via the BBC.


  1. Hello Meg,

    I am going to try your link to catch a little of the paralympics. You are so right, shame on the netwroks for not at least showing some of these inspirational games.

    Hope you are having a great week.

    Question about your fig jam, do you have to peel them to make the jam. I am not a fig fan but I would love to make the jam for some friends.


  2. Watching the race’s winner ask Oscar Pistorius to trade name tags with him was the highlight of the Olympics for me. The Paralympics are so inspiring - I hope I can watch them online.

  3. I was there last night for the opening ceremony. Incredible! The marine who carried the torch into the stadium lost both legs from a landmine in Afghanistan. He swooped into the stadium on a zipline from a 400 ft tall tower, then gave the torch to a woman who won one of the first paralympic gold medals in Rome in 1960.

    Every event in the 80,000 seat stadium is sold out for the entire 11 day games.

    1. That must have been amazing! SO proud of how everyone's supporting these games!

  4. Hi Meg,
    A great nod for the Paralympics! They are not being shown by the BBC. Channel 4 won the rights but you should be able to see that on tunnelbear too. It's on all day. I am once again glued to the tv - so utterly inspiring!
    Have a great LD weekend!


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