August 15, 2012

I’ll Take This: The Modern House

Whilst I am not usually one for high-rise or mid-rise living, I was rather taken with this elegant art deco building in the UK.imageOf course, the fact that it’s got huge windows, high ceilings and is on the sea-front, has a lot to do with my liking it. imageThe current owners have kept the original kitchen cabinetry, which is fine with me. And they’ve furnished the house in spare mid-century modernist style.imageIt has a small balcony from which to look out over the English Channel.image

When I went to look at the details of it, I discovered an estate agency that I’d not heard of before – it’s called The Modern House and all of its properties are “architect-built”. Here’s what they say about who they are:

We represent properties built between the 1920s (the early years of the Modern Movement in Britain) and the present day. We also sell Georgian, Victorian and other period buildings with exceptional modern interiors, as well as superior conversions and extensions, penthouses and loft apartments… in short, anything designed with care and proficiency by an architect or a designer.

Interestingly, one of the partners was formerly a Senior Editor at World of Interiors magazine. Each listing has a description, as well as a number of large, beautifully shot images, and a history of the house.

The owners of this house have combined modernism, imagewith architectural salvage in an old renovated Sea Cadets training school.image

How about this confection of an art deco home?image

It was built in the 1930’s by a female physician for her home and her medical practice. image

Check out the stunning herringbone laid floor!image

Killer kitchen, with a vintage Roberts Radio on the left.image

When possible, The Modern House includes a historic image of the property.image

To look at some of the other properties featured on The Modern House, please click here.


  1. This is one reason I loved watching those Poirot episodes on PBS. The art deco houses. The staircase in that one is a knockout.

  2. Re: Poirot: The white stucco house with the turret at the corner! It showed up in more than one season, or, perhaps, in more than one series.

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  5. That might indeed be the director's house in that particular Poirot episode. I remember vividly what the rear of the house looked like from that episode, but I don't recall if they showed the front view. It is a smashing house, though!


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