July 17, 2008


As I was driving home from work this afternoon, this is what my car thermometer said:So I took Connor swimming in the river near my house.


  1. Yikes, 106, hope the river cooled everyone down. By the way I usually get your blog in google reader so I never see your banner but it is just beautiful. Where is it from? I would love to have that view.

  2. Holy smokes! I didnt' realise it was that hot out. Did you get any of the rain we had in Northern VA?

    Not sure if you knew but they are having a boutique sale in Old Town this weekemd with I believe 17 shops giving 10% off including my belived Red Barn. Amy has the coolest things.


  3. i bet connor loved that!

    i wouldn't even know where to find a river for mona. best i could do would be a bath (which she loves).

  4. Driving to class last night on Fayette St. downtown, the screen/sign for the parking garage across from Shula's said 121 degrees! Maybe that's how hot it was in the underground garage. Yikes!

  5. Yesterday was a scorcher but today seems even worse. I'd hate to think what the thermometer reading will be by this evening.

  6. Julie... we had a carnival for the children here today. I was out for three hours, and now am back in the a/c.

  7. Marybeth... if you go back a couple of weeks in the posts, you can see pictures of the estate where I stayed on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This is the view from the formal gardens.

  8. HOT! We have had a bit of a respite from the heat and smoke here. It has gotten down to the high 80's. phew! Try and stay cool. ;)

  9. I thought NORTH CAROLINA was a hot spot...BUT IT NEVER GETS THAT HOT! I couldn't live w/o AC. I love your blog!
    You might like to check out
    Kind regards...

  10. And that is how perfect summertime memories are made.

    112ยบF on the leeward side of the house yesterday.


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