July 29, 2008

Fluid Movement

One of the things I like best about Baltimore is its lively and sometimes quirky art scene. Every summer, a band of friends gets together to present a swimming extravaganza at two local public swimming pools. This is a combination of synchronized swimming and performance art and it's called Fluid Movement.
The group usually starts with a well-known theme and then riffs on it until they get a quasi-political and always funny show. This year's presentation, Mother Goosed, is a take off on the American race for President with Humpty Dumpty representing the current head of state. Last year, the troupe did a spoof on War and Peace, about the local dog park, called War & Fleas.
One of our friends is participating this year and so we spent a threatening Sunday afternoon being spashed, laughing hysterically and appreciating the Olympic synchronized swimmers who do this as a sport. It didn't matter what size or shape you are, the only requirement is enthusiasm (and the ability to swim).
It's playing again next weekend at Patterson Park Pool in Baltimore. Don't miss it.


  1. This sounds like great fun. Maybe we can check it out...Thanks for posting.

  2. Gotta love any group that has fishnet leggings as part of their swimming costume.

  3. I wanted to go last year but the universe was conspiring against me and for a variety of reasons I never made it :( Looks like this year's edition was just as kooky and fun!

  4. I actually did sychronized swimming one year. I actually came in last place in competition- no lie. It was horrible and SO hard!!!! I hated it. obviously. My best friend talked me into it. Bad memories. cute post though.

  5. What a cool way to spend a hot summer day!

  6. And being in the show was totally like going to summer camp after work! So much fun! Great post, Meg! So glad you could make it :)

    Yay, Baltimore!


  7. This looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!


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