July 1, 2008

Gore*Dean Again

I went to Whole Foods at lunch because I was certain they would have Rescue Remedy for Connor, who is freaked out by fireworks and thunder, both of which are in abundant supply right now. Gore*Dean is in the same mill center as Whole Foods, so I stopped in to see what was new. LOTS!!!
You can tell this isn't Connor... he's not zooming around!

Here are some of the photos I shot before I ran out of memory - I take high resolution images, so my camera can only hold about 400 shots.

I thought these pillows were just gorgeous, especially the one on the right.

I took a photograph of this chair last time. I can't believe no one's snapped it up yet!

This is a viewing chair. It would be the perfect perch to watch the horse races from.

MB, I hope you're looking at this cane holder!

Mid-century modern chair, klismos-style table... nothing wrong here.

Love this combination of colour and pattern.


  1. Lucky you! Gore Dean.

    love your new images. I got a new camera becuase I wanted to take wide angle images which I love love love. I wonder if I can do closeups like this? hmmm = I could take pix of all the tics on my dogs!!!!


  2. Those pillows are beautiful! Nice photography too :)

  3. love that powder blue chair!

  4. I love your blog. I too live in Baltimore and I am most likely the reason the Book Thing shelves on design are empty. Thanx for sharing Baltimore. PS the cane stand is new and available from Global Views.

  5. Anon... we usually go after the Farmers' Market on Sundays, so we'll have to coordinate visits.

    Thanks for letting me know about the cane stand.

  6. Love, love, love this shop. Love it.

  7. jeez! Go away for a few days and I miss a ton! Love your new Vivienne Westwood book! I got to see an exhibit of her designs at the DeYoung Museum a while ago. So Fun!

    I love your new header!

    What a wonderful place you got to visit! Just beautiful!

    Thanks for advice on the camera! My birthday is Sunday, and I know what I want now. :)

    Did I miss anything? I will have to ge back and reread it all.:)

  8. Good stuff! Great place to shop...or shop for ideas.

  9. A viewing chair? Who knew. Now I want one, although I have no room and no real practical use for it... Well, maybe in the library.

    Great new header, it made me smile.

  10. E&E... Isn't that chair the best! I think I could see an umpire at a tennis match, or someone watching the steeplechase races using it.

  11. That's it -- line judge at the kids' badminton games! Or lifeguarding by the blow up whale pool...


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