January 11, 2008

The Project Across 3,493 Miles

I was reading Le Coterie the other day and she had an interesting piece about the World Beach Project in cooperation with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. This project is about the need for humans to leave their mark and make patterns. It's a two part project, the first of which is making the pattern from the stones on the beach and the second of which is uploading photos of your project and marking your beach on a world map.

There are loads of submissions from the UK, but only three from the US. LeCoterie and I are going to increase those numbers, and you can help, too!
When I lived in Wales, we were close to a large beach at Barry Island. At low tide, the beach is about a quarter mile wide. The photo below is high tide. I thought this would be a perfect place for my ex-housemate, Andy and his boys to participate in the WBP at Barry Island, while I participate at Ferry Bar Point, a little beach near my house in Baltimore. It will be a shared project across 3,493 miles, and will help keep us close.
Andy is a mosiac artist, so I am sure that his piece will incredibly creative and interesting. My little beach is an urban beach, so I will have to do some raking and trash-picking to get a section clear enough to make a design or a cairn. I've checked the weather and the tide tables, and it looks like a go for tomorrow. So, from Ferry Bar Point to Ynys y Barri (Barry Island), we've got a Saturday art project for us and for the world.


  1. Yay! I am hoping I will be able to get over to the beach tomorrow morning :-)

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  3. Oh my gosh! I almost posted about this today...great minds.

  4. I just finished two months in a house on Cape Cod literally on the water and I wish I had known about it earlier. Well..next year, right?

  5. You inspired a post! Check out my post this morning about Earthworks and stone walls:



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