January 30, 2008

Andy's Part of the Project

Barry Island (Ynys Y Barri) from another angle.

One of the things that I miss most about living in the UK is my wonderful, amazing, incredibly talented ex-housemate, Andy. We got on like mad from the moment that we met and he and his two sons were such an important part of my life over there.

Andy's boys collecting the stones

When I got an e-mail from Andy with his link to the World Beach Project, I was thrilled to finish our Project Over 3,493 Miles and to have his part posted on the Victoria & Albert Muesum's website. His photographs are marked Ynys Y Barri (Barry Island).

They found a tree on the beach and made leaves and branches with stones

Andy is a very talented mosiac artist with projects all across Wales, and in North and South America. He's just launched his new website, which you can visit here. These are some examples of his work.

Kitchen sink backsplash at "our" house

Pontypridd's favourite son, Tom Jones

Aberthaw Power Plant... I drove by this every day going to and from work.


  1. In Washington, we celebrate poetry day today, by putting a poem on our blogs and linking back to the annual festival's creator, Reya. Care to join?


  2. You are so lucky to have had such a great roomate experience. And to have kept up the friendship. What a talent!

  3. Thanks for the nice comments about Andy's work. He's very talented and I learned so much from him.

  4. great mural and design with Tom Jones...are you a muralist also?


  5. I love the backsplash at your house! It's so original and unique. Great post, M.

  6. Like the beach design, great use of the tree. Unfortunately the link to the V&A website doesn't work, it needs http: at the front, part of it has got cut off!


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