January 27, 2008

Maison 21 & Mona

Even though it was January, I still wanted to go swimming...

Have you discovered the blog, Maison 21? M21 is a decorator/designer/vintage & antiques seller out of Los Angeles with a great sense of humour. His tagline is "decorative, but not serious", which I would think sums him up perfectly.

He's got a corgi called Mona who is guest blogging today and asking her dog-blog buddies to pitch in with seven things. Connor-pup was asked to play along, and you can see his answers here. While you're there, take a look around. M21 has an ebay shop with some great mid-century modern pieces, which reflect his eclectic taste.

Maison 21 is a great mix of funny commentary and practical advice and education. Check it out!


  1. dear connor and mom-

    mona and i appreciate the mention- what nice surprise and a great way to start our morning!


    mona and maison21

  2. ps- sorry you couldn't go swimming, connor- even slightly forlorn, you are a very handsome fellow!

  3. What a cute pup! I love Maison 21, thanks for making us aware.

  4. Swimming in January!? Connor, you're a dog, not a polar bear.

  5. What I love is the "decorative but not serious," which surely is his spin on Adam Ant's lyric "desperate but not serious."

  6. Oh my your dog has the sweetest face and expression!xoxo
    PS I love the maison 21 blog too thanks!

  7. Pigtown I am so glad you and your pooch played - Mona would have been chuffed. Maison is THE coolest and funniest blog - I am a big fan :-)

  8. you have a piglet! i have a swimmer just like yours, though at 14 the piglet swims not so far and he pays for it the next day.

    i enjoyed my visit today. happy weekend!


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