January 12, 2008

My Part of the Project

Today was sunny and cool, and the low tide was at about 3-ish, so I threw Connor in the back of the car and headed down to the "secret beach", Ferry Bar Point, the old ferry landing. I go there to find beach glass...which there is a lot of, and to let Connor swim in the summer. I had to keep him on the leash today so he wouldn't go swimming. I didn't want to deal with a wet dog.

I'd been thinking about what to do with my stones, and had a couple of ideas: arrows pointing towards Andy and the boys at Ynys y Barri; a school of pebble fish along the water's edge, or waves... but then I started thinking about the tide charts and what time I needed to be there, and came up with Time & Tide, thinking of all of the times we had to wait for tides to set sail, or make it home, racing for the mid-day ferry out to the island and how both march on without regard for man.
I started collecting stones, and went to lay them out along the water. It was a bit squishy, so I moved back a bit and decided to let the tide come on my TIME. Naturally, Connor thought that right on top of my stones was the ideal location, but I managed to move him along and wait for the tide to start covering the letters.
As the tide came in, it brought some leaves and a feather. I think I will go back tomorrow and see if the pebbles stayed, or if the tide moved them around and they're gone.

Update: The pictures are now on the V&A World Beach Project's website. You can see the map here. Look for the pictures above.


  1. One can never have enough time,
    nor money.

  2. I am so glad you got to the beach and I love that photo of Connor :-)

    I was being a good daughter and helping my mother put her decorations away which turned into a weekend event...so next weekend I hope!

  3. time and tide... It is nice to be a part of something larger than one's self. Good on ya!

  4. Inspired idea Meg. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sigh...what a beautiful post.I think it is really really special how you arranged the pebbles and the message it brings into the world!and your doggie,so sweet.Love the first picture with his ears like that!

  6. Thanks for your comment (Pip and Squeak are great, aren't they!) and for directing me to this post. What a clever idea - what had happened when you went back? I looked at the V&A site quickly but will go back to look at it further.


  7. What a great post! Very peaceful images! :-) And your doggie is such a cutie!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :-)

  8. I tried to go back to the beach on Sunday, but I got there at high tide. The little cairn of stones beyond which I had made my little Time piece was about 7 feet out under water.

    I waded out a bit in my wellies, but it was blowing and I really didn't want the 40F water to come over the tops of the boots. I never made it back at low tide, which was at dusk.


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