May 1, 2007


As you may have noticed, I am playing around with a new logo on my blog. I actually don't need a logo, since I don't need to establish a brand recognition for myself, but I do some graphic design work and thought it would be fun to play with some different looks.

Logos are so important in sending the right message to consumers. Recently, as Hue reminded me, the Maryland Institute College of Art redesigned their logo. Several years ago, they made the quantum leap of removing the comma between Maryland Institute and College of Art. Their old logo was the name of the school in an all-caps typeface, with some sort of splash of paint below it. They just paid a consulting firm $75,000 to come up with a new logo.

When you see the logo up verrrrry close, the diagonal slash spells out Maryland Institute College of Art.

Think about the logos you see everyday and then think how they represent their product.


  1. nice header! i like it.
    i disagree that you don't need a logo. as a designer, i think it's even more important to show your potential clients how "in-the-know" and polished you are. they take a look at how well you represent yourself, and immediately think, "ooh, maybe she can do something like that for me!" good work :-)

  2. Looks GREAT Fairfax! Simple and sophisticated. I have also always liked the "Ville de Porc" logo. Did you create that one too?

  3. Peak... i did create that one. i think it's pretty funny.

  4. For the last 20 years+ my mother has owned her own retail packaging business so I agree logos are important as is packaging! Isn't it funny how we can always identify with a logo or the color of a box or bag?

  5. Fairfax,
    I'm so impressed with both logos -- the Ville de Porc and this new bold look :)


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