May 3, 2007

Hats Off to HM

We're all in a spin here in MarVa (Maryland & Virginia) with the arrival of HM Elizabeth II on these shores today. Apparently, the Commonwealth of Virginia has a website of royal protocol which as gotten 300,000 hits in the last few weeks.
Here's my HM story: My last night in Wales coincided with a visit to Cardiff by HM and the Duke. They were attending a shindig about a half a mile from our house, so A and I wandered over to see her. It was dead foggy out and very creepy and by the time we got to the venue, she'd gone inside. So A and I decamped to the bar and chatted up her protection force. Unfortunately, after some bottles of fizz later, we completely missed HM zip out to her waiting Rolls and disappear into the night. At least I can say I was in the same building at the same time. I did see Charles and Camilla (Park & Ride) though.
HM will be attending the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. She's a huge horse fan, as was her mother before her. The family are big breeders and follow the bloodlines of favourite horses. HM always wears a hat, and the Derby will be no exception. Although outrageous hats are standard at the Derby, don't expect hers to be too flamboyant. Her hatmaker, one of the 800 holders of Royal Warrents, is Pateys Hats. This list is loads of fun to read through as you can find out who makes her knickers, her waterproof clothing and her stockings.
Bottom image: The Washington Post


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  2. That is fun. I thought maybe it was Philip Treacy because he was commissioned to design hats for the wedding of the Prince of Wales to the Duchess of Cornwall.

  3. I think she looks marvelous in that suit and hat! I've never had the chance to see one of the Windsors, but my Mother and sister did see Diana once at Harrod's.


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