May 14, 2007

Curlin to Race in Preakness!

I am so excited to read the news that Curlin is going to race in the Preakness on Saturday. As I mentioned before, he's owned in part by a friend of my brothers. I found an article, and the photo above, in of all places, The Wine Spectator. Plans are coming together for my little Preakness get-together, with the menu pretty much settled. I am making this salad from blog-pal, Kitchenography. I think it sounds brilliant for a spring afternoon. I am going to do a beef tenderloin, with much input on the recipe and prep from chef friends, Cat & Dog. I have a fun surprise for everyone as they arrive, if I can pull it off... I won't tell until next week!
Ohhhh... I think my little surprise is going to work and I am well excited! Here are the silks I designed for the afternoon. I am going to convert this into a long-sleeve t-shirt to wear. Tell me if I am being a bit silly!


  1. That salad looks delicious. May have to try that myself! Good luck on the party- I know it will be a smashing success!!

  2. Good Luck with the Party! I want to know your special secret gift, as soon as it is over!


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