May 13, 2007

300 Years of Wedgwood

On Friday, I was invited to a press conference at Mount Clare Mansion to hear about a new exhibit there called "300 Years of Wedgwood". It was just a spectacular display of hundreds of pieces of classic Wedgwood that is open to the public until June 9, 2007. The exhibition is being held in conjunction with the annual conference of the Wedgwood International Seminar in Baltimore later in May.
When you hear the word Wedgwood, the typical image that comes to mind is the blue jasperware with the white figures in relief. However, there is so much more to Wedgwood than that. The jasperware also comes in a darker blue, black, green, lilac, yellow and red, as well as combinations of these colours. There are also black basalt, rosso antiquo (red), majolica, caneware, Capriware (floral decorated) and the famous bone china.
Interestingly, there were some signed artists' ware including a gorgeous green and white Deco-style pitcher and mug. My favourite pieces were a blue and white jasperware tea set which had sterling silver accents, a green jasper tea set with bamboo decorations and a pale pink lustre ware tea set.
If you're in or near Baltimore before June 9, please try and take the time to see this stunning collection of 300 years of Wedgwood at the incredible Mount Clare Mansion.


  1. I love Wedgewood colors. I remember my mom having a lot of the green color when I was a child. I love the blue. It's so classic.

    P.S. Petite Tresor is no more. I closed up for the summer and will probably start fresh on another site in the fall. I will still post on confessions so please visit me there!

  2. I came across Pigtown Design via your post from the Blueprint blog. Wedgwood Jasperware has been apart of my life since the day I was born. It was the china pattern my Mom registered for over 40 years ago. Love this post. Thanks for the tip re: the exibit. My parents and I are planning a trip to D.C. in June and I see a pit stop in Baltimore in our future. I also did a post about Wedgwood on my blog, would love it if you checked it out - - -


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