October 24, 2017


It’s really amazing what a HUGE event Halloween has become. I think that it’s now second only to Christmas in terms of buying and decorating. But it’s really easy to go overboard and veer into the tacky category of decorating.

If I had children, I am sure I’d put a lot more effort into decorating for Halloween than I do now. Having access to old medical books and their scary illustrations would make a perfect launching point for a line of Halloween decorations. deformed spine

However, I thought I’d share some of the prettier and more elegant decorations I’ve found.

My friend Loi at Tone on Tone has Halloween down to an elegant science.image

Black rails + orange pumpkins + white stairs = Perfectionimage

All you need to make these is a drill.image

You knew I’d have a dome in this collection!image

Spiderweb tableclothimage

Oh, look! More domes.image

If you’re going to have spiders, make them elegant!image

Wine bottles spray-painted matte and gloss black, with black candles. image

A good use for the antique apothecary bottle I found earlier this year.image

Because of the big tea caddy exhibition I am working on that starts on November 4th, I am probably not even going to be home on Halloween. I usually just leave a big bowl of candy, and I have to say, it’s usually got a few pieces left when I get home.

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  1. Somewhere I read there are two kinds of pumpkins--one for carving and the other for eating. Who would have known. I suppose if you are going to hand out candy one should engage with some decor. Entertain the young folks willing to separate themselves from an electronic device and interact with neighbors. Stuff a shirt and long pair of pants and have the body face down on the steps or driveway. Create a mood of apprehension. If one plays a cd of say New Orleans Jazz it may say house party to trick or treaters plus it helps the time go by. Have a pleasant evening Meg!


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