November 2, 2017

The Holidays

It is absolutely SHOCKING that it is November! I am in the run up to the last of the three major events in three weeks, with the opening of the Tea Caddy Exhibition at Homewood House in Baltimore previewing this weekend. Here is just one of the 23 cases! (more on these next week!) imageAnd since it’s November already, you and I, and everyone else we know are thinking about presents for our friends and family. Last year, I had dozens and dozens of orders for my tea towels. So I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that if you’re interested in purchasing tea towels for this year’s holiday season, I need your orders by November 20th. This will allow plenty of time for ordering, fabricating, and shipping. And remember, the tea towels, especially those with maps, can be customized with a specific location. blog

And of course, for everyone in and around Maryland, this is the most popular of the tea towels. maryland crab

To order tea towels as well as the other one-of-a-kind items on my Etsy shop, click the link!


  1. Hi Meg, I wish I could visit that tea caddy exhibition! It would be interesting to know the differences between exported/European caddies and those for use in Asia. For example, I don't see the wooden ones here, yet very often find pewter ones, a material not mentioned on the Homewood site.

    1. Jim - there are a few wooden ones, but no pewter ones. The collection is mainly old Chinese export, and then European examples.

  2. Those tea towels are the bomb, Meg. Well done.

  3. Meg, want to order a few not sure how!
    punky martin


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