October 5, 2017

I’ll Take This… Even though it’s in the country!

I went out to see my friend Sam, who painted the beautiful portrait of Connor several years ago, and realized that another house on the huge old property where he lives is for sale. Then I saw some pictures of it on a friend’s Instagram feed and just knew I had to hunt it up. image

It is a 6 bedroom/6.5 bathroom that clocks in at just over 9,000 square feet. But the best part is that it’s the original house on a huge farm property that has now been mostly tastefully subdivided. image

Unlike a lot of houses, this one has been left to age gracefully. No one ripped the wisteria off the porch, image

added a brand new “chef’s” stove, image

tore out the old radiators with plate warmers, image

added tacky plastic shutters,image

glassed in the original sleeping porch,image

or demolished the old picnic pavilion. image

It would be criminal for the next owners of this house to modernize it. image

If you’re going to own a place like this, you are obligated to be a good steward of the property, and not ruin it for the next generations of owners. For more inforation and images, please click here.


  1. I want a picnic pavilion and an allee. Is that too much to ask? :(

    I love your blog. Best, Mary Jane

  2. You make a point. That is why the next owner should be vetted. Perhaps this is why cities adopt historic preservation ordinances. Does Baltimore have any? Laurensouthdown on instagram laments Charleston is losing Architecture and artifacts when buildings are torn down and fail to allow a dig to find long lost items . Just saying.

  3. Oh man I would love to live there if there were two of me:).


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