February 28, 2017

#ThisIsBaltimore2017: Winter Edition

If you read my last post on discovering the modernist church, you know I am still out and about and discovering new parts of Baltimore. It’s been a lot of fun, and lest you be concerned, I am keeping safe and minding where I am going. If I feel the slightest bit unsafe, I photograph from the car. The handy sunroof helps with that.

Sometimes, I just need to get out of the office, so I’ve taken to lunch-time photo safaris. Since my office is in mid-town, I can get to different areas pretty quickly.

I came across this lovely little doorway on an abandoned building. The other property on the site builds burial vaults, so this might have been them showing off what they could do. image

A friend took me to an old German cemetery where there were loads of these angels dropping flowers.image

This old bank looks like it’s been converted to a private home or apartments. I wouldn’t say no!image

True confession: I didn’t take this picture, my bestie Cat took it. I am madly jealous that she spotted this amazing shot before I did. I love that you can see so many layers of the city. image

It was a perfect day to take a picture of the entrance to the old Mount Olivet Cemetery. image

And then take another picture of the entrance with the great arched windows, the arch, the tree and the graves. I think I might need to go back when I have more time.image

I’ve always been intrigued with this building. I wonder if it was an old bank building.image

Zipped down to the ocean on Sunday. It was chilly, but sunny. I took advantage of that and dozed on the deck.image

I am teaching my iPhone photography class again on March 23 & 30th. If you’re in Baltimore and you are interested, please click this link to see the catalogue and registration information. I’d love to have you in the class! It’s lots of fun.

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  1. Awesome shots! That second-to-last one... isn't that Gringotts? 8-)


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