September 20, 2016

Success: Be Careful What You Wish For!

The first weekend of the Portobello Pop Up was very successful and it was such fun to see old and new friends, and family! The Portobello Pop Up is open until Saturday, September 24th.imageA while ago, I realized that I love the hunting and gathering, and research aspect of things, but once I acquire them, I don’t really care about them any more. I think I am a process person, loving the process, rather than the outcome. Therefore, it’s not painful to sell my wares.

So, that makes it easy for me to sell the things that I collect… Even when they have my monogram on them!image

One of the items I was selling was my custom-designed tea towels. I thought maybe I’d sell a dozen or two. I mean, do people really use tea towels anymore? People other than me, that is.

Well, the answer is a resounding YES! I received more than 100 orders for tea towels, and so now am working my little fingers to the bone sewing them. image

It’s a bit overwhelming, but I am pleased about it. I’ve taken the tea towels off my Etsy account for the time-being, but they will be back on there in a few weeks, as soon as I’ve gotten over this batch of towels. If you look at the side-bar to the right on this page, you can see what’s listed on my Etsy shop.


  1. Nice to know that there are enough civilized people left in the world to use tea towels ;-) Yours are especially attractive and unusual, so it's no surprise that they sold out. Good for you!

  2. I think it's your snappy wit that's selling more than the towels themselves, the message on those towels together with your graphic make a dandy little may be outsourcing those hemmed edges before long if things keep going like this! Congratulations!

  3. congrats! I use tea towels for everything -I rarely use a paper towel. I have 100s from estate sales...just throw them in the wash. I go through a few a day!

  4. I love the Pigtown brand so much!


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