September 29, 2016

Instagram: Late September

I am still crushed with orders for my tea towels, including a nice order from decorator, Bunny Williams! In addition to that, and work, and board duties, I am teaching a class on iPhone photography next week. imageOf course, one of the apps I will be teaching will be the Instagram app.

We were at the beach at the end of August and were rewarded one evening by a beautiful sunset over the bay.image

And what’s a visit to the beach without a trip to Funland to play skeeball!image

Oh, my! A set of conjoined Italian prune plums!image

Huge cricket grasshopper.image

Figue left her baby hedgehog out in the rain and I rescued it.image

I have pumpkins again this year and they’re such fun to watch.image

But sometimes they get too heavy for the vines to support and fall off.image

I was walking through a meadow and found this faded Queen Anne’s Lace blossom.image

I was picking up one of Figue’s babies from the sidewalk and spotted this shed snakeskin.image

Figue got a haircut. I can hardly reconcile the before and after. It’s like two different dogs.image

See you next week, and hopefully, I won’t be as busy!


  1. Meg!! We are still digging out after moving into this new house -- and just unpacked our new kitchen, but sadly it made me miss your popup (sob!) I hope we can connect soon -- your class sounds fantastic, even though I don't have an iPhone :-)

  2. Where can I see the tea towels? I checked on Etsy.

  3. It all sounds like a good kind of busy, tho! Not surprised at the tea towel mania, they seem very cool....glad I got my order in early.



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