August 23, 2016

Instagram: Late August Edition(!)

How is it possible that it’s late August already? This summer has flown by, mainly because it’s been so busy. But it’s never too busy to snap some pictures for you and for Instagram!

Dill flowers from the garden at Halcyon House Antiques. I love this image.image

After a massive rainstorm, we had the most vibrant rainbow!image

Who knew pumpkins had thorns! This will be a tiny pumpkin, a volunteer from one a threw in the garden last fall.image

I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Baltimore. Another reminder to look up!image

Just in the last week, we’ve had several big storms, which come with great clouds.image

Getting very excited for the Portobello Pop Up in September. image

Late 1800’s flow blue cup and saucer. So modern looking!image

It drives me crazy for Figue to have her hair in her eyes, so I chopped it off. It didn’t work too well.image

Alice’s White Rabbit – one of the designs for a tea-towel for the pop-up sale.image

I am heading to the beach for a few days with one of my English cousins who’s visiting, so I will see you next week!


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