February 12, 2016

The Notebook

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE notebooks. I have lots of them and love making notes, writing lists and jotting down ideas. At the office, I have a series of notebooks, all numbered. Each time I have a different conversation or meeting, I write my notes in a different colour with my favourite Le Pen 18 Color Pen Set. I love ruled notebooks, but I especially love graphed notebooks!

So when I got an email from the Princeton Architectural Press talking about their cool new notebook, I knew I wanted one. They were kind enough to send a bright red one to me, and it was love at first sight!IMG_8508

It has a number of differen grids, IMG_8500IMG_8506IMG_8501

I can imagine sitting in a boring meeting doodling on these amazing grids with my pens!

The other fun thing was the dividers with a range of instructions, including how to draw perpective IMG_8503

and how to tie knots. IMG_8504

When I sailed, my favourite expression was “if you can’t tie good knots, tie lots of them!”. But I am actually pretty decent at knots.

This is a gorgeous notebook which won’t get lost in the shuffle on your desk.IMG_8499 You can order it at Princeton Architural Press here, at Barnes & Noble here or at Amazon here. And if you join their newsletter right now, you get a nice little gift card to use in their shop!

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