February 15, 2016

The Little Greenhouse

What better place to spend a bitter cold afternoon than a nice warm greenhouse? On Saturday afternoon, I joined two friends on a visit to a local greenhouse that specializes in orchids. IMG_8539Orchids are such amazing flowers, so prehistoric and unearthly in their appearance. The Little Greenhouse (no website) is located just north of Baltimore and was a quick drive. When we entered from the 19* F air outside into the warm, damp greenhouse, my specs completely fogged over. But as soon as they cleared, I knew I had to take some pictures. All were taken with my iPhone, and I used the macro feature on Camera+.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the names of the orchids, bromeliads and begonias, so just enjoy them, regardless!

This flower was about an inch long. I love the way the bottom petal curls under.IMG_8524IMG_8525

Who “nose” what this one is!IMG_8526

Yellow-centered bromeliadIMG_8533IMG_8535IMG_8534

Such a gorgeous orange.IMG_8530


No filterIMG_8555

Although it looks like I blurred the leaves on this, I actually didn’t!IMG_8560

Such a gorgeous pink. At Halcyon House Antiques.IMG_8570

My Valentine’s Day presentIMG_8571IMG_8578

Thanks to Stiles & Jonathan for including me on your field trip to the Little Greenhouse!


  1. Wonderful photos of this most beautiful plant. Nothing more delicious than orchids as Nero Wolfe can attest (oh that we all had rooftop greenhouses on our Chelsea townhouses).

  2. A familiar scene for me here in Bangkok; could do with a touch of your 19*F here, as we "heat on up" to summer. 36*C here yesterday, although cool and breezy and a pleasant 24*C in the evening, perfect for supping cocktails on the balcony...


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