February 22, 2016

Change in Plans

The past week has been a bit of a nightmare! (Hence the silence) I was supposed to fly to the UK on Sunday, but had an issue with my passport. Of course, I’d sent it in mid-January, plenty of time with the expedited service, to get back by the time I was leaving on the 21st. But a week ahead of travel, I got an email from the passport service on Friday NIGHT, saying that my picture didn’t pass muster and please send a new one, within 90 days!regents canal

Of course, Monday was a federal holiday, so I couldn’t talk to anyone in the passport office until Tuesday. I got the advice to send the new picture overnight and maybe (!), I would have it back by my travel date. To show my urgency, I added the copies of my tickets showing I was scheduled to leave on the 21st. St Pancras station

Then came an email saying they’d received my new photo and were beginning to process the new passport. And that it would take three weeks. At that point, I was so irritated, and uncertain as to whether I could travel, that I postponed the trip by four weeks. st donats

Naturally, my passport arrived on Friday morning. imageMy photo has an odd orange cast, but otherwise it’s fine. And I love that the inside front cover is the words to the Star Spangled Banner and a picture of my beloved Fort McHenry!

All photos from prior trips.


  1. Hi Meg, I am getting my passport renewed right now. The website gave very particular information as to the portrait, even with marked examples, so I printed it out and took it to the photographer to make sure. They were as nice as could be at the embassy (the American Institute), recommending that I get the more-pages version for free, as in the future the "add pages" service will be discontinued.

  2. My husband tried in vain to just get a passport to have on hand. Applied - pictures, etc. and then . . nothing. Two MONTHS of nothing - nobody knew anything. You can call their 'help' line - for like $60/hour to 'investigate' the problem. I talked to another person who said that it was mailed from Seattle - nothing ever showed up. This was ten years ago - still waiting . . .

  3. Well all is well now you have your passport! Hope you bring good weather :)

  4. What an ordeal Meg! More time to look forward to your wonderful trip now!
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