January 14, 2016

The Chair Woman

I love chairs, and perhaps have a few too many that I’ve collected in my house. I have a specific Pinterest board called Chairy to highlight chairs I love. Some are fun and whimsical, and others are historical and serious. image

I was at a long meeting the other day in my role as Chair of the Baltimore Architecture Foundation. It was held at Price-Modern, an office furniture company with a modern slant. It’s a great location – a former warehouse which looks out over a small river valley. Lots of huge windows, lots of cozy meeting rooms and a ton of chairs. Tons of chairs.

So, of course, I had to take pictures of some of them to share with you.

Really conflicted about this chair. Love the design, but it’s not very comfortable, and it doesn’t show one’s best side.IMG_8042

The day we were meeting was bitter cold with 50 mph winds. This looked like such a cozy place to curl up and work… or nap.IMG_8044

A new take on the old 1006 Navy chair. Super shiny with rockers.IMG_8043

I couldn’t quite figure this out, and because I was wearing a skirt, I didn’t try it. Sideways or straddling?IMG_8037

My friend Steve tries this on for size. The radio reception is fantastic. IMG_8035

Another cocooning chair for a chilly day.IMG_8040

And then there was this. It was huge.IMG_8038

It’s always fun to go to events at this space because it’s so contemporary and I get to see what is new in the showroom, but I don’t always want the chairs.


  1. Hello Meg, A lot of the chairs that are supposed to be ergonomically designed I have found to be very uncomfortable. I like the shiny metal one you show, but I hope it also comes in a version without rockers.

    One of my favorite chairs was a heavy, old wooden office or classroom chair that was being thrown out by the psychology department at my college. It had all kinds of adjustable wooden attachments build on, for conducting who-knows-what-kind of nefarious experiments. We called it the Frankenstein Chair. It was very comfortable, but unfortunately it disappeared in one of my moves.

  2. I love them too!! My fave bit of furniture

  3. i love chairs also + this last move and i have not so many xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Loving chairs is one thing but asking at yard sales is this a Morris chair, Windsor, slipper, barrel, oh the names-- I saw a set of six ghost chairs get scooped up by savvy purchasers at an estate sale, schooling oneself in the design period of a chair can be useful and entertaining and you can recognize a cheap knockoff.


  5. this is funny!!!! ok - the first chair is Nicholas Haslam at his country house - the dining room. Some of these others chairs are hysterical - the rocking chair!


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