January 28, 2016

I’ll Take This: The St. Paul’s Studios

I’ve written about this amazing block of buildings in London several times before, most recently in September, here and also here. I am just enchanted with the St. Paul’s Studios, a block of former artists studios with gorgeous double height windows, and look forward to seeing them when I am back in the UK next month. imageOne of these was recently featured in The Guardian (UK) with some interior images. The houses were designed for bachelor artists by Frederick Wheeler, and provide enormous amounts of natural light, a necessity for artists. imageOver the years, fewer artists live in them, and the six-lane road outside has become the main artery to and from Heathrow Airport, and on to the M4, a major east-west highway. Unfortunately, there’s also a tube station in the rear.imageThis end-of-group unit had been owned for 40 years by an American, and prior to that, it had been sub-divided into apartments. The couple kept a mezzanine or loft that had been added and made the huge studio room their master bedroom. imageThe wallpapers are by the owner’s niece, the designer, Neisha Crosland. image Regardless of anything and everything, I’d still take one of these terrific buildings in a heartbeat!image

You can read the full article here.


  1. Wow and double wow, what a gorgeous space. For some reason I have the feeling the photos don't do it justice. Eagerly await your reportage on-site.

  2. Have driven by on my way in and out of London and always wondered and admired even with the haze of jet lag Thank You !!

  3. Tom and I have driven pass those! I luvvvvv the conservatory-ish windows! When are you gonna be in the UK? We're planning a trip in late March.


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