January 22, 2016

Prepping for the Storm

We have had a pretty easy winter here in Baltimore. In fact, my family ate Christmas lunch on the porch in 70°weather. I can’t remember that ever happening before! Well, as they say paybacks are a bitch! image

We’re expecting up to two feet of snow, plus 50 mph winds, beginning on Friday night and ending sometime Sunday. If you remember, we had about 50+ inches of snow in five days in 2010, but since then, just 10 inches here and there. Nothing too monumental! image

I will be sorry not to have Connor around to use as my snow-meter, but I still have the snow bunny for measuring. He actually loved the snow, and would sit outside for as long as I’d let him. imageWhen we had that storm, during which we were required to shelter-in-place, I taught myself to sew. I’d just discovered a local store which sold amazing fabric remnants, and I couldn’t resist buying them… and then I had to buy a sewing machine!

I think I am going to work on finally finalizing the design for my Toile de Baltimore. My friend Julie had resurrected this over Christmas and had printed some wrapping paper with the pattern. I used it on a gift bag over the holidays, too. image

My work hours preclude me from photographing my great mother-of-pearl silverware during the week, so the bright diffuse light of the snowstorm should be perfect for shooting. IMG_4452Look for new items on my Etsy shop over the next couple of days!

Luckily, I am well stocked with reading materials, and am making sure that all of my devices and chargers are charged in case we lose power.I went to the grocery store before it became an episode of The Hunger Games (literally). It’s all a little daunting, but I am sure we’ll all get through it, and then have great stories to tell.

Wish me luck and check my Instagram and FB feeds over the next few days!


  1. Love that toile de baltimore!!

    Staf safe and warm

  2. ooooo, would love to know the name of the great local fabric store, as a frequent Baltimore visitor!


  3. The early days of DeBois! I remember those posts so well - right after I read them, I went there myself and snatched up tons of great fabric, all of which is still sitting in my guest room. (I've used it to cover tables during parties, but that's it.) We've picked up some pretty cool vintage stuff from there, too - my SIL has the most gorgeous, shimmery brocade caftan. What a fun place. Good luck this weekend, Meg! It's sure to be an adventure!

  4. I think this storm may be the perfect time to open the sewing machine box I received for Christmas. I have a very vague idea on how to sew. Be safe and warm.

  5. Best of luck weathering the weather. What are you planning to read?

  6. Love the toile de Baltimore. Great idea. And sometimes, it is fun to be snowed in. I find the quiet tranquility of the muffled sound snow creates to be extremely restful. And it gives one a chance for introspection, which is a healthy thing. Enjoy!

  7. Baltimore toile! That is genius! I want some when available. EEF

  8. good luck + stay warm xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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