May 1, 2015

#ThisIsBaltimore Instagram Update

To counteract all of the negative and mostly hyped up images coming out of Baltimore, here’s my #ThisIsBaltimore Instagram update. I haven’t done one since February.

Detail at a friend’s barn.image

Beautiful balusters at the AIA Baltimore HQ.image

While this might not look like much, it’s the acclaimed Baltimore Symphony Orchestra giving a free concert at lunch on the most perfect spring day!image

The clock tower at the Mount Royal Station image

Francis Scott Key Fountain just before the trees blossomed.image

Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Artimage

Party at a friend’s house. It kills me that it’s not symmetrical! image

All for now! Happy Weekend!


  1. It is nice to see these images to rinse away some of the graphic still and videos of the last few days. You are a great ambassador for the city Meg and they should give you the key! x

  2. I think the Symphony giving that performance was so meaningful to your city!! There ARE good things happening! Have a great weekend Meg!

    The Arts by Karena
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  3. One of your friends bought Bill Trimble's old place?? I'm dying to know what they've done with the interiors. It was a shame they finally had to let the place go after generations of it being in the family. Personally I love the rambling asymmetry. It gives an old, added onto over the years look to the house, and lord knows the place really is ancient.

    1. They haven't done anything to the interiors. I think they're addressing the major issues first before they start the cosmetic stuff. But knowing them, they will not do anything drastic.

      If you email me, i will tell you who bought it.

    2. ..."Bill Trimble's old place.." I just had to do an internet search, who is Bill Trimble? My goodness. What a career, this Patriot seems to have dedicated his life to his country. May he rest in peace.

    3. For clarity's sake, I should say I was referring to the son of Mr. Trimble the diplomat, also named William Cattell Trimble, who chose law as his career and is still very much alive. He is probably best known outside of Baltimore for marrying into a branch of the distinguished Phipps family, of U.S. Steel and subsequently thoroughbred racing fame. His brother-in-law Stuart S. Janney III won the Kentucky Derby two years ago.

  4. I was so bummed I missed the orchestra's concert. I'm sure it was wonderful.

  5. I always wonder if people with names like "Francis Scott Key" would have become famous if they called themselves "Francis Scott" or "Frankie Key".


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