May 17, 2015

A Little Bit of This, A Lot of That

I am headed up to NYC for a couple of days and have a packed schedule. The main event is to attend the book launch for Steven Stolman’s new, new book, 40 Years of Fabulous: Kips Bay Decorator Show House. imageThe party is being hosted by the fabulous Bunny Williams and John Rosselli at the even more fabulous John Rosselli Antiques. I can’t wait!

Naturally, I am also going to see the show house and I am even more excited about that. For some strange reason, I’ve never made it up for Kips Bay, and I’ve heard that the house is really amazing this year. imageThis year’s house is on the Upper East Side and features five floors of elegance, including a sweeping staircase. image

One of the rooms I am most anticipating is by Mark D. Sikes, a fellow blogger and a very talented decorator. image

Another highlight of the trip is a visit to my friends at Philip Colleck, Ltd. to see their Chinoiserie show. imageI love chairs, and if these two are any indication of the rest of the show, I am going to be madly in love!

One must-do on the list is a visit to old favourite, Pearl River Mart, which is scheduled to be closing later this year. I have been shopping at Pearl River for ages, since it was in the original 2nd and 3rd floor location above Canal Street. I was convinced that if you entered between the wrong two stalls, you’d disappear forever. imageFor years, Pearl River was the largest Chinese department store outside of China. You can buy almost anything there from fish sauce to 40-foot dragon kites. Shockingly, their current rent of $100k a month, is set to rise to five times that amount in 2016.

All of these plans are grand, but the real highlight of the trip and one that has me bouncing in my chair is dinner with former blogger extraordinaire, the incomparable Reggie Darling, who is missed by all! Joining us will be Boy Fenwick and our dinner partner-in-crime, Emily Evans Eerdmans! Along with my friend, Jonathan, this will be the reprise of a rollicking dinner two years ago, where we were having so much fun that I almost missed my train back to Baltimore!

Posting will be light this week, but there will be lots of goodies once I am back!


  1. Pearl River Mart looks to be a fantastical place to disappear for an hour or so. I believe that was the store you mentioned to me in your comment about sourcing tortoiseshell toothbrushes.It is a shame it is going away. I would have loved to have visited.

    Enjoy your action-packed trip and do say hello to Reggie and Boy from me.

  2. Kips Bay is fabulous this year! Have fun!

  3. That sounds like an amazing trip. I can't wait to see all of your posts when you return. Almost as good as being there (well, not really...not even close but it will have to do). Have a great time!

  4. I am happy that you are eager to see your friend from a discontinued and abandoned blog. The blogger has reasons for no longer posting and you said it yourself Former blogger. Now there is closure. Please wish him well.

  5. Truly an ADVENTURE!!! I DO miss Reggie Darling VERY MUCH and hope that he and Boy Fenwick are well. Can't wait for your pics and snippets from this wonderful visit!

  6. I miss Reggie Darlings blog so very much. He has a wonderful writing style. I haven't taken him off my blog roll in hopes that someday he might pop back in. Please tell him how much he is missed!

  7. Ah -- NYC commercial rents. The death of many a business. We have one floor in a midtown building, and it's over $100K per MONTH.

  8. Reggie is back! Tell us, Meg, did you have something to do with this wonderful news?!?!?!


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