May 14, 2015

Landmark Turns 50!

One of my favourite UK charities is the Landmark Trust, an amazingly smart organization which restores old manors, churches and other buildings in the UK (and Italy and the US) and rents them out as holiday homes. My family stayed in two knitters’ cottages in the Cotswolds a number of years ago. This summer, Landmark turns 50 and they’re having all sorts of celebrations.

I thought I’d share some of their most interesting properties. Most of them are actually rather inexpensive if you have a group of people or a family, and you work out the comparable cost of booking a hotel.

Whiteford Temple, Callington, Cornwall. Sleeps twoimage

The Pineapple, Dumphries, Scotland. Sleeps fourimage

The Lengthsman’s Cottage, Warwickshire. Sleeps four.image

The Swarkstons Pavilion, Derbyshire. Sleeps two.image

The Pigsty, Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire. Sleeps two.image

Bath Tower, Caernarfon, Wales. Sleeps five.image

Queen Anne’s Summerhouse, Sleeps two.


Ingestre Pavilion, Staffordshire. Sleeps six.image

Most of these properties are available beginning in 2016, and for four nights are the equivalent of $30-$90 per person, per night. They are all self-catering and are equipped with basic provisions. But part of the fun is being able to hang out, cook meals, play games and get to know the villages and towns where these properties are located.

As a memento of fifty years, Emma Bridgewater has designed a commemorative mug, featuring several of the Landmark Trust’s properties. image

For more information, check out the Landmark Trust’s website, here.


  1. A terrific concept that should be expanded in this country. It is not feasible for every historic property to be a museum, and this promotes an appreciation for preservation.

  2. With the decline of attendance at house museums in this country, what a great idea. These photos are beautiful!

  3. One has to wonder what on earth prompted such an homage to the pineapple god.

  4. The pineapple has a long history of representing hospitality, LPC, although I don't know if that's the particular meaning here. It is certainly a striking home.

  5. Just received my May 6 copy of Country Life and this very topic is on the cover with an article inside. Very happy to see such a worthwhile organization get such good press in the States and the UK.


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