March 24, 2015

Maryland, My Maryland

March 25th marks the celebration of Maryland Day, which marks the date 381 years ago when settlers first came ashore on Clements Island in Southern Maryland. My ancestors were not too far behind the earliest settlers and one of our family houses still stands in St. Mary’s County.


A few years ago, Katie Denham challenged bloggers to come up with five things they love about their state. So in honour of Maryland Day 2015, I will take up the challenge again.


The Chesapeake Bay divides Maryland’s Eastern and Western Shores. It’s 180+ miles from where it starts with fresh water from the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and from the Adirondack Mountains in New York, to where it meets the ocean off the coast of Virginia. image

So many activities around our part of Maryland involve the Chesapeake. From sailing to fishing to crabbing, there’s always plenty to do. It’s always great to have friends who have houses on the water, so you can spend a day on the Bay.image


The history of Maryland is all around. From 200+ year old buildings in the city, imageto churches where my family has worshipped since the 1700’s. image


As I frequently say, Baltimore’s Not Just The Wire! It’s a big small town, and people here call it Smalltimore. It’s the kind of place where you run into friends you’ve known for years while shopping in the grocery store, you navigate by landmarks which have not been there for decades, you spend a minute or two triangulating with new friends to figure out who you both know. SS200  (42)

There are world-renowned institutions here like Johns Hopkins Hospital and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. image


I do some of the same things my parents and grandparents did, like attending the horse-races in the spring. Now my nieces and nephews are attending the races, continuing the tradition for another generation. image


There’s a secret short-hand language that only the natives know, and it’s always fun to run into someone from Baltimore when you’re not here and know what the other person’s saying. The people are quirky in their own ways, but no one thinks that it’s odd. image

In a coming together of several of the above traits that I love about Maryland, this picture exemplifies several of them. Our mothers were at school together (tradition), he is good friends with some of my good friends (Baltimore) and we’re both a little off center (quirky).



  1. As a fellow Marylander, I am proud of my state and like you know that Baltimore is MUCH more than the Wire. Maryland truly is America in miniature.

    Thank you for your blog. It is a true blessing.

    David P

  2. I just LOVE the photo of you and John Waters! And I was confirmed and married at St. Thomas church. Years ago I would have added the Baltimore Sun to your list, but not now (sob). But I still am proud of our library system. Great article!

  3. I am proud of our flag, the only state flag with a heraldic design. Happy Maryland Day, Meg.

  4. What a beautiful state Maryland is ! I love it and I love every visit I have ever made there !!! And I love your blog too :)
    My mother's people came to Maryland in the early days, but their arrival was at Kent Island in 1631, whereas Clements Island is 1634. Why is Clements' date used and not Kent's ? Claiborne was not associated with the Lords Baltimore's enterprise and had his own charter. Perhaps that is why ?
    - Michael SC

  5. My mother and her family were from Baltimore. For her it was always "back home". We were a military family and, whenever we would go "back home", there was always the big pile of boiled crabs on newspaper to welcome us. I can't recall a time when I didn't know how to pick a crab. I still have my grandmother's crab-shaped deviled crab dishes. Some day I hope to visit Baltimore as an adult. Happy Maryland Day!


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