March 13, 2015

I’ll Take This: Manor House With Secrets

As I was perusing the Guardian for the latest betting odds on Friday’s Gold Cup race, I chanced upon this gorgeous manor house, complete with some secrets!

Honestly, I just love a house with a lot of light, don’t you!image

This house, and it’s called Flass, was re-built in the mid-19th century close to the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales and incorporates parts of the original house on the property. It’s a Palladian style manor house, with many of its original period details remaining, including a number of its fireplaces. And I love that there are bells to ring the servants next to each fireplace!imageimageimageAnd I love that there are bells to ring the servants next to each fireplace! Jeeves, come stoke that fire, my man!

This is one of those amazing country houses with lots of nooks and crannies, and little spaces that would make a perfect place to curl up and read a good book. image

One of the intriguing things about this house is that it has a couple of secret passageways! In the library, push a button under one of the shelves and a door opens into the ballroom. Hmmm, if I had to guess, I’d say it was the shelves with the false book-fronts left on them. image

I am guessing that this is part of the ballroom. image

While this appears to be the main hall.imageimage

Isn’t this just amazing? Check out the etched glass on the dome!image

I am thinking that I’d buy this house just to have this kitchen!image I am curious as to whether it’s original to the house though. Seems a bit fancy for the servants!

In the tower, a panel swings out to reveal a staircase to the top of the tower, but curiously, the real estate listing doesn’t mention this. image

The house has eight bedrooms in the main section, plus six in a “maisonette” somewhere close by, and is set in 17.5 acres of ground and a river runs through it. The price is £1,500,000, but it looks like it needs a lot of work, and of course, a ton of furnishings! The listing is here.


  1. I need a Palladian manor Meg. This one looks perfect. ;)

    Xo Terri

  2. Just glorious. Why do you suppose there was a secret door between the library and the ballroom?

  3. A secret door between the library and the ballroom?!? That just begs for "Footloose: the 19th century Lake District edition" I can hear the trailer voice over now - "In a part of England where dancing had become forbidden, a secret passage led to a world of waltzes and quadrilles..."

  4. Let's see! With a house like this, the entire family could live researching assisted living residences, nursing homes, etc. Sort of like a compound. And, there are enough private areas for those who are a bit irritable and vexing!

  5. What a little gem of a house. It could be so beautiful. Let's hope someone with money AND taste buys it.

  6. Meg I really love all of the special hideaways and the fireplaces, oh yes that domed glass ceiling!
    Have a great weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  7. lets hope it is done over right (right meaning with money & taste) + beautiful home + I am longing.

  8. I could so live there even with no servants and just spend my days roaming around and tidying up. Thank you for another amazing dream.


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