September 30, 2013

Talk Prep

I am giving a lecture on October 1 entitled “Baltimore, It’s Not Just The Wire”, imageand I’ve been walking around the house rehearsing what I am going to say, and studying the sequence of my slides, so no post this evening, I’m afraid.

I will leave you with some images from the slide show, however!

Otterbein alley housesimage

5 E. Lexington Streetimage

John Gutierrez sculpture, Druid Hillimage

Tiffany dome, The Engineers Clubimage

Inner Harbour, Baltimoreimage

Bolton HillimageHope you’ve enjoyed your brief tour of Baltimore.


  1. Where is the charming mews?

  2. It's in Otterbein down by the Harbour. That's Harbour Court in the background.

  3. I hope someone tapes your talk for us out of towners.

    1. If I can, I will link the presentation.

  4. I just saw this. I hope your talk went well ... I'm certain it did, and your audience graced you with lots of questions (which meant that they were listening). Lovely images.

  5. Hope all went well last night! Fun to see Otterbein featured, that is my neighborhood!


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