September 5, 2013


You know I am an avid fan of the Guardian (UK) newspaper, which I’ve been reading on-line since September 12, 2001. They have an excellent photography section and their photo galleries cover the broadest range of topics imaginable. I go for the home/design/architecture/culture ones myself, and I frequently find some spectacular things.

This Guardian gallery presents university libraries. Now, we’ve got a pretty amazing library or two around Baltimore, like the Peabody Library, below. It’s a stunning, stunning building and is a great place to have an event.image

But I found some more great libraries.

Bangor University Library in Wales.image

National Autonomous University of Mexicoimage

Durham University, Englandimage

University at Delft, The Netherlandsimage

Round Reading Room, Maughan Library, King’s College London (I had a chance to visit this room when I worked at King’s)image

Medical Library, Queen Mary University, Londonimage

University of Leuven, Belgium. Damaged during both world wars and rebuilt both times.image

Which is your favourite? I am a huge fan of old libraries, having spent much of my childhood roaming the stacks of various local branches. I adore the smell of old books. Do you?


  1. I love them all - never met a library I didnt' like. But for me, although I have never been and I intend to are the libraries in Austria - they are simply marvelous and superb.

  2. Fabulous selection Meg. The National University Autonomous in Mexico looks astounding. Would love to see it up close and the inside.

    Art by Karena

  3. Oh these photos of the libraries are beautiful. My favorite is Bangor University Library in Wales.

  4. I'm just a bookie at heart. Sold them for years, now am a regular at my local libraries. The really big one just amaze me. Thanks for the great pictures, bucket list material.

  5. I'm not well versed in touring libraries around the world, but for those on this side of the pond, I highly recommend the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was lucky enough to be given a personal tour of the library about a year ago and I can attest that it is just gorgeous. Google will give you the scoop, although the pictures on the Mercantile's web site could stand improvement; even my amateur pics show the library to be a real standout.


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