July 23, 2013

Summertime and the Living Is…

As I was scouring the UK papers for details on the little Prince of Cambridge, I stumbled upon a series of photographs extolling summer homes and gardens. We’ve suffered through a sweltering few weeks, and these images just cooled me off wonderfully and gave me some great ideas. Enjoy!

Lots of lanterns and candles.image

Wildflower display. Just bunches of flowers in clear jars and vases.image

Picnic on the lawn… yours or somewhere else...image

Like a local parkimage

You never know what you might see!image

How’s your summer going?


  1. The summer is going really well + loved the photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. Hi Meg, I love the blue and white on your Etsy Shop.
    Happy Summer--keep that Connor cool.

  3. Charming. I especially like the wildflower display..


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