July 21, 2013

Self-Portraits In The Flemish Style

I am a big reader and I especially love newspapers. I still try and read a few of the UK papers on line because they have an entirely different perspective than we get in the States. In my newspaper travels, I often find amazing things to share with you. Here’s another one.image

Nina Katchadourian is an artist, teacher, lecturer and traveller. imageShe’s taken more than 102 flights in the past few years, and obviously, she gets bored. Her artistic mind wanders and she comes up with an idea for a series of photographs… taken in the plane’s loo… imageusing what she finds in there. Self Portraits in the Flemish Style avec paper towels, seat covers, etc.

The series, Seat Assignment, includes more than a dozen sub-projects: in Provisional Shelters, Katchadourian builds edifices from crackers;image in Buckleheads, she snaps portraits of her neighbours reflected in her seatbelt buckle; imageand in Sweater Gorillas, she has created abstract, simian faces from the folds of a black sweater.image

I give her a lot of credit for her creativity, but seriously, can you IMAGINE being seated next to this woman on that flight to Australia?image

That’s why they make Ambien®. More about Nina here.


  1. This is HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh... can you imagine this woman making cracker or cookie houses next to you? I would be pressing the call button and whispering to the flight attendant... "Is there a flight marshall on this plane?" lol.... Thank you for the laugh!

    ~ Becky

    Oh! BTW... I'm back to blogging! Any chance you can add me back to your blogroll? You are already in mine! :o)))

  2. Such lovely backdrops for a loo. or are these the "blankets" offered to passengers in flight? The use of all those necessaries, disposable or not seems a beach of a social contract to fellow passengers. If one's child pulled this prank, would there not be a "teachable moment" Oh, I like the paintings by the Dutch masters a whole lot more.

  3. Hmmmmmm. Not my favorite traveling companion. But maybe she can smile.
    Have a great week.

  4. Well, at least she doesn't need to buy a cheese slicer. 8-)

  5. Dear Aunt Meg: In the loo...??? Really?????

    So THAT could have been why the line on the plane was so long last time....

    -- Miss M.A.

  6. this is so funny! Happy Monday xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. I would LOVE to sit next to this lady! She has inspired me to try this next flight!

  8. I agree with Rebecca V. Sitting next to this lady might be better than someone who is snoring and slumping over into your seat or watching a bad movie. Not on a flight to Australia though! You find the most amazing things. Keep calm and stay cool!!

  9. Sitting next to her would be fine -- waiting outside the restroom and doing the potty dance while she's in there playing with the toilet seat covers, now, that's enough to start a riot on the plane!

  10. I would also love being Nina's seatmate. I'd want to participate, dress up in assorted airplane toiletries, and take it out of the bathroom, giving a performance for all the travelers -- or at least a pageant down the aisle. We could sing "light" operetta, Kurt Weil and Bertolt Brecht, for instance. I did a photography project for my senior year at college which involved taking photographs of people while riding the city bus, from underneath a cape I wore. Maybe we creative types should just charter our own airflights?



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