December 9, 2008

Some Small Corrections

I got an e-mail this morning from my gracious host on Sunday with some changes to my post about the visit to their house.

The chandelier is an “Argand Chandelier” - so called because of the type of lamps or burners – it is English c.1830. The house had a chandelier similar to this one and in the same room! It is described in an inventory taken in the late 1830’s. The chandelier that was once here is nearly identical in form – but slightly earlier – it hangs in a house not far from this house and descended in the family.

I took a guess, but the colour of the paint in the red room is Farrow and Ball Blazer. Blazer is described by F & B as “ A bright vermillion red similar to the colour of the sports blazer worn at St. John's College, Cambridge. Use Undercoat No. 49.” M had first thought of a Pompeian Red – but this does the ticket with the porcelain, the marbles and the French furniture.


  1. Thanks for the name of the color - it's simple gorgeous!!!

  2. blazer definitely looks better - your friend's house and property are beautiful

  3. A stunning color - what can I possibly use if for.
    I adore it.
    Also would love to be invited to a table set as in the ones below.

  4. Adore that red too! Was it Diana Vreeland who said people with white wall shave no dreams? Or something like that. KDM

  5. Just catching up here but this red is remarkable. F&B is untouchable.


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