December 1, 2008

Brown Paper Packages

You may have noticed that I love papers... and ribbons and bows. I love wrapping packages so that when the recipient gets them, they know that I've put some effort into the gift. I've sent books to some of my readers and I always try and make the package a bit festive. Here's the package I sent to Each Little World (thanks for the photo!).
Courtney over at Style Court is doing a series called "See How They Wrap" about different and interesting ways to wrap your presents this year. Today, she featured one of my favourite things - brown kraft paper.

Amazingly, one of the best places to get fun kraft paper is the Dollar Tree store. I have picked up some great patterns, including white lace,
pink and brown polka dots
and a black toile.
I checked to see how much each roll held and was amused to see that it was 25 square feet, but the measurement was also listed as 30 x 10... hmmm. Brown paper packages tied up with string, or a beautiful ribbon, can be very elegant!


  1. Such a cute package! I have a special place in my heart for brown kraft paper. I like to jazz it up by stamping it with ink and rubber stamps.

  2. OMG!
    Toile de Jouy patterns on brown craft paper!!!
    Does it get any better than that?
    AND there's one in Brooklyn too..
    Big Merci!

  3. I can vouch for Meg's wrapping creativity as I was a recipient of a wonderful book from the book thing - still have the book on my bedside table thanks again meg -

  4. You already know I loved that paper, so thanks for using my photo! I wrote about newspapers used for wrapping yesterday with some pix you might enjoy.

  5. Ms. Wis... my brother has wrapped presents in the Sunday comics since he was little. He'll be thrilled to find out how clever he's been! Great pictures!

  6. When I was a poor college student I went down to Wallgreens and bought brown craft paper then stamped a harlequin pattern using a kitchen sponge and some left over gold paint. It made modest presents look a bit more elegant when wrapped in the paper. Thanks for bringing back a great memory.

  7. The brown paper toile is gorgeous - my favourite and such a great idea. xv

  8. Meg, your dollar tree source is great! I think so many different people are drawn to kraft paper. It's really fun to see what you do, as well as the others. Everyone has a different spin.

    I agree with you about the thought behind creative presentations!

  9. I love the last one!! I'm going to bad this year and order everything online, wrapped, and delivered to my sister in laws house. It just too much stress the other way.

  10. i've been a "brown paper packages tied up with string" wrapper for years. i hardly ever even touch the ginormous roll of kraft paper i bought a few yers ago, because i tend to turn grocery bags inside out for smaller items. top it off with some rough hemp twine with a little embellishment tied in the bow- a sprig of greens, or an xmas ball... all recycled, and rather thrifty, too. wish my 99 store had that toile paper though! i'd like to decoupage it on a wall, AND use it for all my wrapping needs

    for truly special occasions though, i have things professionally wrapped (an extravagance that makes whatever is inside seem costlier than it really was). the place i use has brown alligator embossed paper that i have them pair with a bright orange grosgrain ribbon- so chic. (wish they had that red that you purchased in london!).


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