April 20, 2008

McLain Wiesand Custom Furniture

Every day, on my drive home from work, I pass the most interesting storefront, with a window display that changes frequently. In my last post, the bottom photograph was of a lovely campaign bed, which was made by a Baltimore-based artisan, David Wiesand, owner of McLain Wiesand Furnishings and Decorative Arts and the owner of the store windows I adore.

Today, as I was driving by McL-W, I pulled over to take some photos of the newest window and ran into David, and his partner and my old friend, Bug, who is the Simon Doonan of Jos. A. Banks Clothiers. David and Bug were kind enough to let me come in and take some photos of his work.

Although he's based in Baltimore, David's work is available in showrooms across the country including Summer Hill, Ltd, in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, Ainsworth Noah in Atlanta, and the Rist Corp. at the Design Center in Washington, DC.

This was the window display last week with a better photograph of the campaign bed David designed for his daughter, as well as a chandelier he designed for her.

Here are some of my favourite pieces that were in McLain Wiesand's showroom this afternoon. In addition to his own work, David also has a small selection of antiques. Take a look:

A shagreen side table

One of a pair of Chinoiserie-style table lamps

Several klismos-style chairs designed by McLain Wiesand

A selection of heads, including David's signature Medusa heads.

Two Baltimore Chairs, the left one is in progress and the right one is nearly complete.

A beautiful turquoise lamp base with a coral motif.

Bug & David... thanks for sharing your shop with me this afternoon. Always a treat to see you!


  1. Thanks Meg you are the best!! I loved seeing the photos you took in the shop today. Keep an eye out for our next window featuring industrial design

  2. It's always such a treat to see photos of beautiful shops and furnishings! Thanks for sharing Meg!

  3. That side table is so great. Thanks for the post.

  4. Meg - a fabulous spot! When the curtains are finished a bed is next on my list. This one is lovely.

  5. I have a lamp addiction and I love both of those lamps. I've always noticed McClain Wiesand's windows but never been in the shop. Clearly I must remedy this.

  6. What a fantastic looking store! I'll have to check it out when I get up to Baltimore!

  7. Oh Meg, this is great! You have the most interesting friends.

  8. Thanks, Courtney! I am extremely lucky to have such a great group of interesting friends.

  9. Some really beautiful things here! Fun to see the window display.

  10. Great window! great bed and chandelier - lucky daughter! haha

  11. I recommended this blog and it was totally right keep up the fantastic work.

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