April 22, 2008

Books - Still, Again...

I am continually amazed by the books I find at Book Thing. Although I am sending all good karma thoughts for the Billy Baldwin Decorates that Peak of Chic says is one of Charlotte Moss's favourites, I still haven't found it. It took me about seven months to muster up the karma to find I Married Adventure so I figure I've got a few weeks to go. Here's some of what I found on this trip:
Slim: Memories of a Rich and Imperfect Life (1991) looks like it's going to be very interesting. It is the story of Nancy Gross Hawks Hayward Keith, Lady Keith (1916–1990) who was portrayed in Truman Capote's Answered Prayers and was known as a fashion icon throughout her life. This will be a great book for a rainy afternoon's reading.

I've always really liked Liz Tilberis and so was delighted to find her auti-biography No Time to Die, about her life and struggle with ovarian cancer. Having had my own issues similar to this, it was a very good read. At the end of the book, she's just gotten word that the cancer has returned with a vengance, and reading the book nearly ten years after her death, it's still so sad to see someone that young (51) and vibrant lose their life.

How could I possibly resist this book? I probably won't end up reading it, because it's a crime novel and that doesn't interest me, but I knew I had to snag it.
I found an series of four books that are really just one big advertisement for their publisher, but I didn't know anything about them, so I picked them up because the pictures were pretty. The four books are about the Bulthaup system of kitchen essentials, including cabinets, furniture and accessories. These four books, System 25, System 20, Communication, and Accessories, are beautifully produced and I think I will have a lot of fun looking through them. I also looked at their website and the kitchens are just lovely! I do all of the publication design and graphics work for my office, so it's always good to look at other professionals and see what they are doing. Once I am finished, they're being added to the library at McLain Wiesand.
Clearly, Connor thought these books were pretty, but I am a little concerned about his reading skills.


  1. I believe Slim Keith (or Slim Hawks as she was known then) was the inspiration for the Lauren Bacall character in To Have and Have Not. I'll bet it's an interesting read.

  2. Looks like some interesting reads - thanks!

  3. Love that pic of Connor and of course you had to have "Pigtown".

  4. How funny! i got that book about Slim from the bookthing the first time i was there and read it! It's on my bookshelf now! It's a great book -i hope you enjoy it. She was the basis for lauren bacall's whole persona and look, not just a character in a movie. I loved reading about her relationship with hemingway too!
    And bulthaup - they're amazing -they have a showroom here in georgetown you should check out. I've used them in a few projects and they're SO beautiful but incredibly expensive -as in 200k just for cabinetry for a kitchen expensive! YIKES

  5. I could spend whole days in a bookstore. You got some great ones here...and I love the "pigtown" book!Ha!

  6. Change... I leafed through the bulthaup books last night. Just stunning stuff, but no prices. I am afraid I would have to ask!

  7. There is a novel called "Pigtown"? I bet it's not set here, is it?

  8. John... the cover sort of looks like it, but it's either NYC or Chicago.

  9. May I suggest the crime novels of Henning Mankell? Very few people I know have heard of them but they are good, damned good. Better than you can ever imagine. Bleak, Nordic, gripping. If only he would wrote more of them!

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