November 4, 2007

T-Style Design Magazine

If you don't normally get the New York Times, this is a day to try and pick up a copy, if it's available near you. The Times does an occasional magazine called T Style, which I've written about before, because it's packed with so many interesting goodies. Today's edition of T Style is the winter design and living issue.

Even the adverts in T Style are great... One of the first things that caught my eye was the delicious Kate Spade ad with the brightly-coloured tights and shoes atop the brightly-coloured Mirriam Webster dictionaries. (sorry for the bad scan)Alain Decasse shows off his shopping list, Hamish Bowles talks about Vogue's new book and some of his instant decorating ideas, a mini-map of Sao Paulo Brazil shows hot spots and wine storage is discussed at length. The $5.00 news stand price is well worth it for T Style alone!


  1. Thanks for the heads up - I got mine and only 4 bucks here in NJ!!!

  2. I love that KS ad too. Thanks for the Times tip :)

  3. I had heard about this Kate Spade ad,but had not seen it - darling. And sister, you are ON FIRE at book thing lately. You should become a book scout.


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