November 14, 2007


My colleague just came back from presenting at a conference in Europe and had a layover in London. Knowing that, I gave him a shopping list for WHSmith in the airport. It was simple, really... Just a design mag or two and the day's newspaper.

I really lucked out with the 60th Anniversary issue of House & Garden UK. The magazine's cover is what looks like every cover they've published...about 70 in all.
They did some fun and clever things in the magazine, including looking at the decades from the 50's to the 00's, and talking about the designer, fabric, furnishings and food of the era. Of course, favourite David Hicks is the designer of the 70's, and Laura Ashley's sprigged prints are the fabric. Additionally, they asked each of the section editors to give their favourite resources, most of which are scattered around London and the UK, but some are in the States.

One of the features I liked the most was the chairs they covered in specially created fabrics, using Dover Publications clip art books, which I use all of the time. The stripey chair looks just like the inside of the Dorothy Draper book, Decorating is Fun!
I had to post the photo below for numerous reasons, not the least of which is my new book and secondly as a shout to Cote de Texas and her lovely house. It's from Tindle Lighting in the UK, and of course, it's not on their website... But FYI, it's £895 or $1800.
It was a sad irony to see the UK H&G celebrating 60 years, while the US version has ceased publication.


  1. I just got this issue too and have flipped through it. I like the article about David Hicks and John Fowler.

  2. What a great treat for you Fairfax. I'll have to get a copy.

  3. That's a fun chair, innit? As for the lamp: I cannot begin to imagine spending a paycheck and a half for a lamp. My niece would break it anyway. I just bought a plane ticket that costs 1/4 of that lamp! (And it was a good deal, too: $528 from BWI to Amsterdam via Reykjavik, in late March - Woohoo!!!)

  4. Oh, yes! I did see this and it did remind me of Piero. That issue is a treasure.

  5. Thanks for introducing me to Dover books! I'm a textile designer and am always on the lookout for copyright free images! I LOVE the card you made from your dad's sketch!


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