November 18, 2007

Book Thing... again

Yep, I know you hate reading about what fabulous things I've gotten at the Book Thing, and are thinking, OMG, she's writing about them again? My mother is de-accessioning my father's books to make room for even more of his books that are in storage, so I have to drop the ones she doesn't want at BT for her on my way back downtown from visiting her. And of course, I have to go in and look around and hope that I find some amazing treasure!

Today's haul, on my part, was a little light... another copy of The House in My Head (up for grabs for the first person who responds that they want it!) and a biography that I might not have otherwise looked at reading. It is Pierre Balmain's "My Years and Seasons", written in 1964 and translated from the original French version.
I was pleased to see that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London has included this among their couture books to read. I don't know a lot about this designer, but did think that this would be an interesting book to read. Balmain won a Tony Award for his costume design and women as diverse and Josephine Baker and Katherine Hepburn wore his theatrical designs.
Oscar de la Renta designed for this house until 2003, and it seems to be on hiatus right now.


  1. OMG! One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing his boxes arrive at my Grandmother's house in Paris. They were so beautiful to a 5 year old! To this day, anyone who wraps in tissue and boxes has a customer for life.

  2. The elegance of the dress, the tiny waist, the beautiful jaw-line -- that picture slays me.

    I now have a serious Book Thing habit but I have not had time to go the last two weekends. Very distressing.

  3. STOP! This is too much! You always fine the best books!!! :)
    (And HOBAC- did anyone in your family save one of the Balmain boxes? That would be fun to own today!)

  4. Wait, is Balmain really not doing anything? They had the most gorgeous clothes in the world, like ever.


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