November 16, 2018

Instagram: The Days are Whizzing By!

I talked about the Pop-Up shop a few weeks ago, and it was a huge success. I really had a great time doing it, and hope to do another one next year. I’ve been busy doing a lecture, teaching a class and a few other things. But I did want to keep you posted on things that are happening here.

One of the old country churches north of the city, decorates their stone wall with pumpkins that the children have carved. image

This is an old city church that I had a chance to visit unexpectedly.image

I am so lucky to have great friends who are painters. image

This is my friend’s kitchen! It can be yours if you buy his house.image

Sometimes, your fortune cookies are spot-on!image

Figue was a bee for Halloween!image

I have a ton of quilts, so decided to try and make a coat out of one of them. This is the mock-up one.image

There’s nothing like a drive in the country to clear your head!image

That’s all for now!


  1. Hello Meg, As Thanksgiving draws near, your pictures vividly show that there is much to admire and appreciate. However, your readers in California and New York understandably have different concerns at this point.
    p.s. I wish that you had taken another photo of the pumpkin wall, this time showing the carved faces!

  2. The shops you visited look amazing. Where might they be located? Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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